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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 6:42:26 PM

The last rosebud essays The early morning air smelled clean and crisp as I stuck my head out the door. Breathing in deeply, I smiled, and turned to make my way to the coffeepot. I thought of the day ahead as the aromatic steam of the Jamaican blend tickled my senses. Deep in thought about the day ahead, I decided to take an early morning stroll outside. I looked around surprised at the miracle Mother Nature had painted in the predawn light. As I started my trek across the dew-dampened grass, I took in essay examples Family Guy Recap: Season 17 Episode 1 Brian Gets Married To Jess the wonderful sights. I noticed the fog hanging in the treetops, as if it were finely spun essay topics Ingles Jazz in action. Spider webs glistened like delicate fairy wings. The single earthworm made it’s way randomly through the damp grass. An unseen bird sang to its mate. As I took a sip of my coffee, I appreciated the peace and quiet around me. The feeling of oneness washed over me. It was overwhelming. The morning was mine. I shivered; the dampness had started making its presence known. Tiny beads of dew formed on my bare arms. I welcomed the coldness. But alas, it was time for me to make my way back to warmth and comfort. As I turned toward the door, I suddenly noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a single rose bud. Feeling as if I was in a trance, I found myself standing in front of this magnificent specimen. I leaned over slowly, cupped my hands around the delicate bud, and drew in a deep breath. Its scent was intoxicating. It immediately reminded me of jailed candy and baby powder. It was if a drug was coursing through my veins. My knees felt weak and I slowly sank to the ground. I stared at the single bud and took in its beauty. The tiny green leaves wrapped protectively around the small pink bud, the points reaching up for their first kiss from the morning sun. This little beauty was as ancient as the universe, yet as new as a baby straight from its mother’s womb. As I sat there, I thought back to when my daughters gave me this lovely gift. I thought of the love an.

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