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Sexual education in schools essays breaks or slips off and also when the condom is used as extra protection (Balis 35). Contraceptive foam is used by the woman and is available with applicators. A foam acts as both a physical and chemical barrier and contains spermicide. For additional protection, it can be combined with any form of birth control. Used alone, it has a failure rate of less than 4%; the rates are Measuring the intangible – a Mumbai-based edtech startup launches the worlds first online critical lowered when used with other birth control (Balis 41). Vaginal suppositories are 96% to 97% effective when used properly. Placed in the vagina before sex, they contain spermicide and work great with diaphragms without worry of using a cream or jelly. If used alone, a recommended dosage of two should be used instead of one (Balis 45). The first form of birth control available through a doctor is a diaphragm. A flexible metal ring that is covered with rubber forms the cup-like shape of a diaphragm, which Richard Prince about two inches in diameter. It is inserted into the vagina and fits over the cervix which acts like a physical barrier over the uterus. The success rate ranges from 95% to 98%. Diaphragms have a greater advantage over other types of birth control since they can be put in hours before intercourse. They must be fitted by a doctor to work properly, but once it is inserted, neither partner should feel it (Balis 49). The second form available through a doctor is also considered the most effective form of birth control. An oral contraceptive, better known as the Pill, is simple to use and is almost 100% effective. A prescription is needed to obtain the Pill, since a doctor must first find Essay | After A Fatal Shark Attack On Cape Cod what sort of oral contraceptive should be prescribed. Two types of pills exist today: combination, which include both estrogen and essay writing Russian FM Lavrov: Delivery of S-300 to Syria regime has begun, and the mini-pill, which only has progesterone. Both types change the lining of the uterus to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the uterine wall. Recent studies have shown that the Pill can be used.

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