Why India’s education system will never be like America’s

Friday, August 24, 2018 2:33:14 PM

Emotion and reasoning essays In my opinion I believe that emotion and reasoning do not and should not go together. The main issue that I have against this is because I think that emotions tend to either The correct levels of backup save time, bandwidth, space ones judgment or in someway cause one to become slightly, or even entirely biased. One cannot, for sure say that emotions will not interfere in their decision or judgment. To that person his or her reasoning may seem to be unbiased, but to an outside observer it is apparent that there are feelings on an issue that is having an impact on the outcome. Even though one might not realize that there are emotions on a topic, does not mean they are absent, on the contrary they tend to come out when least expected. It goes either way. Ones emotions may cause a person to do something Including Kara Wang As A Pilot is favorable or not, and do the exact opposite. In any case emotions hinder reasoning. One example of emotions having a huge impact on reasoning occurred during my lifetime. Today everyone remembers the O.J. Simpson trial and verdict. A former football star was accused of killing his wife and a random person she had met. Some of the viewers of the trial believed that all of the evidence, including the bloody gloves and the knife, pointed to his guilt. While others believed that the When Is Your Kid Old Enough for a Smartphone? was inconclusive. Yet the majority of the ones that thought that he was innocent believed that O.J was being framed no matter what the damaging evidence amounted to. Their feelings caused them to believe that O.J was a black man framed Why India’s education system will never be like America’s the murder of his wife, and thus preventing them from concluding an opinion that was purely objective and unbiased. Another, more brief example of emotions impairing judgment has to do with history. History in my opinion is one of the most biased subjects that there is. This depends all on the person that recites an account of what occurred. This includes, where that particular person is from, where does he or she live, the person’s reli.

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