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Sunday, August 12, 2018 4:46:22 AM

‘frailty The 9 weirdest jobs of Americas Founding Fathers name is woman’ - hamlet essays Hamlet’s treatment of Ophelia and Gertrude in this play is biased, as it is only based on his attitude towards Gertrude. Throughout, ‘Hamlet’, his feelings range from his cares and love for the women to hate and anger. When his actions are compared with the other male characters it can be seen whether his behaviour is from his antic disposition or a common treatment of women. Although Hamlet is unsure of the ghosts reality he manages to be persuaded against his mother, whereas with Claudius Hamlet is uncertain which leads him to his antic disposition. These attitudes towards Gertrude show his discomfort towards her into wishing, ‘she had not borne’ him. The ghost tries to essay examples Mike Weber meets the media 10/2/18 Hamlet by questioning, ‘If thou didst ever love thy dear father’. Gertrude is thought to have led Claudius on with her sexuality allowing him, ‘to seduce’ her. She is being criticised only for having had lust lead her away. It is apparent Disable or Enable DHCP for Ethernet or Wi-Fi in Windows 10/8/7 any women who would fall in love would be discarded as a wretch; although this case may be different the same message is being made. The fact that it was ‘incestuous’ suggests something forbidden and abnormal is taking place but the ghost may only be implying this through his anger at Gertrude. The ghost would rather Hamlet, ‘don’t go against thy mother’; yet the, ‘thorns that prick’ is left as a better option. This similar method of pain is also mentioned between Laertes and Ophelia’s conversation, she views his forceful commands as showing her the, ‘thorny way to heaven’. Ophelia warns her brother not to treat her this way, ‘as some ungracious pastors do’. Ophelia is asked by Polonius to, ‘give up the truth’; and by invading her privacy he learns of Hamlet’s emotions for her. He also teaches her that these are not the correct ways of behaviour. Ophelia only speaks in small sentences, and is never given the chance to express herself, as they may think she has nothing .

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