Omega Man tells Juniata students to be Dream Makers, not Dream Breakers

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 6:25:47 AM

Gamma rays essays What is Nuclear Fission Starting with nuclear fission is important because, nuclear energy is being looked at as one of the next main power sources of the future, and this energy is made through the process of nuclear fission. Nuclear Fission is the main way of producing nuclear energy, it occurs when a free neutron with a heavy element is split into two smaller nuclei. Fission reactions release neutrons, gamma rays, beta rays, and a extremely large amount of heat. Any combination of lighter nuclei may be produced as long as the total number of protons and neutrons equal those in the original fissioning neuclous. (http://hyperion.advanced-org/3471/noNetscape/fission.html) with the energy that we get from nuclear fission, we also get large amounts of nuclear waste. The main three types of FOXs Last Man Standing Ratings Go Big essay waste that we get are alpha radiation, beta radiation, and gamma radiation. In this paper I will discuss gamma radiation, also known as gamma decay and how I believe that this form of waste should be used because of all the possible ways it could benefit us. It also would help in the removal of some of our nuclear waste because it would be putting a waste, that once did nothing, to practical use. Why does Gamma Decay occur Gamma decay occurs because the nucleus is at energy state that is too high. The nucleus falls down to a lower energy state and, in the process, emits a high energy photon known as a gamma particle ( ). A photon is a small unit of light and is also referred to as gamma rays. Gamma rays are like X rays, only Home Mini leaked online more energetic and harmful to humans. These rays were previously only made in outer space and absorbed by the ozone, but because of pollution, we have -N burned a hole into the ozone which is letting them through. We are also producing them Omega Man tells Juniata students to be Dream Makers by the process of nuclear radiation. Bad effects of photons/gamma rays Photons/g.

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