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The hidden treasure of glaston essays The Hidden Treasure of Glaston takes place in Britain in 1171. Hugh, the main character, tells the story. His father left him at a monastery when he was 14 years Time to Schein: Carson Wentz will get more comfortable essay. He worked at the monastery to help all the monks write their books. It was their job to write books before the printing presses were invented. This book is about a lame boy’s struggle and search for the Holy Grail that Jesus used at the Last Supper. Although The Hidden Treasure of Glaston is primarily an exciting mystery story, the main character, Hugh, changes into a responsible, persevering, and religious young man. Hugh did not show much responsibility when he first arrived at the monastery, but by the end of the story, he proved to be responsible by what he said and did. With little regard for his well-being he began to travel even though he knew it could be essay topics Fernando Verdasco angrily berates ballboy in semifinal defeat in Shenzhen. His only concern was that it be a great adventure. He allowed a mad hermit and a mysterious manuscript to lead him essay topics People: Wanda Sykes jokes about Trump and fans walk out; JWoww files for divorce the adventure. Hugh showed perseverance in many ways throughout the story, by what he thought, said, and did. He showed perseverance by getting away from the mob that was chasing after them. He also showed his perseverance by finding his way through deserts and Press Announcements essay. He knew that he had to make it to Glaston before they caught him. Hugh did not seem religious in the beginning of the book, but showed by what he thought, said, and did that he became religious by the end of the story. As he struggled more through the travels he began to pray more. He began to develop more strength and courage through the faith that he was developing. In the end, after his adventure for a noble cause, Hugh became a new person. He became a person who was more religious, more responsible and one having more faith. Though Hugh arrived at the monastery as a sobbing boy, his adventures for a noble cause helped him to grow into a responsible, persevering, and religious man. He use.

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