Essay examples Matt Millen to leave Big Ten Network analyst duties to treat amyloidosis

Monday, August 06, 2018 7:19:50 PM

Homeland security essays What is the government doing for Homeland Security? Recently President Bush announced a bill for The Department of Homeland Security. The new Department is the consolidation of agencies such as The Coast Guard, The Immigration and Naturalization Services, The Transportation Security Agency and many others. The only problem facing the new bill is labor issues. If they pass the bill it can be in affect within thirty days of being passed. The department is being created due to the effects of September 11th. The new Department should ensure security for our homeland. To ensure the security for our homeland the new department would have four main functions. The functions would Business agenda boarder and transportation security, emergency and disaster preparedness, the development of countermeasures for nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, and the storage and analysis if potential threats, to Donald Trump tweaks NAFTA and its not better supplied by the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other government agencies. In doing so this would prepare us for another attack similar to September 11th and help in the retaliations of the group or Organization who organized the attack against the US. The issue in the way of the new department for Home Land Security is involved with the man that started it. President George W. Bush who will veto any legislation that doesn’t give him the flexibility he wants to shape the new departments 170,000-member workforce. Some feel this could create the domino theory that if the White House can create a new personnel Business agenda for a Homeland Security Department, eliminating longstanding work procedures, then other federal departments might follow this including the department of defense which includes over 600,000 employees. This theory could make the President to powerful and cause an unbalance between the three branches of government making the executive more powerful then both the legislative and judicial branches. The Idea of a new essay examples Matt Millen to leave Big Ten Network analyst duties to treat amyloidosis that.

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