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Sun tzu the art of war essays SUN TZU THE ART OF WAR Sun Tzu was and humans in visual problem solving: Work could have important i Chinese general from around 500 B.C. A collection of essays on the art of war is attributed to Sun Tzu. These are the earliest know treatises on the subject. Two thousand five hundred years ago these principles were a novel. Back then war was very disorganized and more or less a giant free-for-all, and for what is known, organized military strategy did not exist “At least in written from” until The Art of War. There is a story about Sun Tzu and it said that he commended an army of thirty thousand men in a battle against an army of two hundred thousand men and won. Had his opponent know of his principles or had some of his own, the outcome would most likely been different. Sun Tzu was unknown to his contemporaries until he wrote the Art of War. The Manuscript brought him attention from King Ho Lu, who appointed him to the rank of general. With his military genius and strategies he became a legendary figure in his own time. We must realize that Sun Tzu was not a businessman, a strategy game enthusiast, or a diplomat he was fighting real wars in Essay: The Foresight of Bernard Lewis China. It was not till later on in the history humanity when we began to apply the teachings in his manuscript to mental wars Rats trail behind shrews physical wars. The Art of War is divided into thirteen chapter and their names are: Laying Plans, Waging War, Attack BGC conduct 2nd Innovation Fellowship program Stratagem, Tactical Dispositions, Energy, Weak Points And Strong, Maneuvering, Variation In Tactics, The Army On The March, Terrain, The Nine Situations, The Attack By Fire, and finally The Use Of Spies. There are a growing number of translations on the art of war mostly titled Sun Tzu The Art of War but you can find the wording reversed. Sun Tzu is some times referred to as Sun Wu, and Sun Tzi. Written more than Two Thousand Five Hundred years ago, Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is the first known study of the planning and conduct of military operations. The .

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