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Saturday, August 25, 2018 5:09:34 AM

Nisei daughter essays Nisei Daughter Nisei Daughter, by Monica Sone, recalls the author’s childhood as a Japanese girl, growing up in Seattle, during World War II. The book STANDINGS & MORE - SEPT. 6 a look on how the Japanese culture was treated in this time. At a young age Monica realizes she is not like most little girls in America. Japanese were put in interment camps in 1942. But this isn’t the first time Monica notices a difference. She was small and in grammar school when the first signs began to appear. She knew she looked different, but she also sounded different at home. At home her family spoke in Japanese. Monica was known to her parents as Kazuko Monica Itoi. And after Kazuko was finished with her day at grammar school, she and the rest of the Japanese boys and girls went to Japanese school to learn the native language and etiquette. During a point in Kazuko’s childhood, her father is set up by two corrupt police men Former writer describes agony of Alzheimers-induced anger for father of selling illegal sake. During dinner a police man interrupted the family and told Mr. Itoi that he was the one that was selling liquor to a bum on the street. The police had been tipped by the bum that a Japanese man, who owned a hotel sold him the alcohol. Kazuko’s father did own a hotel and owned a hotel, but so did several other Japanese men on that street. Kazuko’s father essay topics Samsungs 85-inch 8K TV will go on sale for $15,000, “Mine? It’s not I don’t drink,”(35). The officer interrogated both Kazuko’s father and mother while rummaging haphazardly through the Itoi’s kitchen looking for the rest of the sake. Mrs. Itoi knew there was something was strange and called out to the men, “Don’t think we’re such fools,”(37). Kazuko’s father was trying to prove that he was innocent and instead of the officer listening, he arrested Mr. Itoi and took him down to jail. This incident showed Kazuko that her family was not similar to other’s or else her father wouldn’t have been falsely blamed for a.

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