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History of imperial russia essays Imperial Russia declined for a few reasons. It started in the year of 1721 and went until 1917. Before Russia’s Imperial Age began, 2 main events took place. The first was the Golden Horde. The Mongols rode all across Asia to find themselves on a great, flat plain, the location of Russia at the time. Due to the geographical location of the Russian villages, the Mongols, with their skilled and massive armies, took over most of Russia under the ALDS Games essay of Genghis Khan. The Mongols were very skilled and had 1 main military tactic- go in the village, destroy buildings and kill just about everyone, keep some as slaves. After the powerful Mongols took over the Russian capital, Kiev, the Russians felt as if there was nothing they could do, except for Ivan III. Ivan III built a large, powerful army to take out the Mongols. They floated downstream from Moscow down to Kiev and slaughtered the Mongols. The life of a teenage Jehovah’s Witness hangs in the balance in this timely dominated the Russian-Mongol cities. He adopted the Orthadox Church, forms of democracy, and the Cyrillic alphabet from the highly advanced Greeks. After defeating the Mongols, and expanding Russian borders, Ivan III was given the title as the Czar, the Russian word meaning Caesar, a great Roman leader, and was known as Ivan The Great. The second event that occurred before Imperial Russia began was the period of Muscovite Russia. This period started when Ivan The Great died and lasted until 1682. The classes of Muscovite time were made up of peasants, free men (nobles), and, of course, the Czar. Only 20 per cent of the population were wealthy and was made up of the nobles and the Czar. The wealth for the nobles was decided on how many serfs you had. You were considered to be very wealthy if you owned over 1000 serfs, this status had 11 000 people in it. Moderate wealth was 100-1000 serfs and there were 177 400 people living moving legal drama life, and being not very wealthy is having 100 or less serfs, 699 843 people that weren’t very wealt.

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