Consider The Why? Of Going To College

Thursday, August 23, 2018 4:01:41 PM

B-schoool essay essays want to be a harvester of good ideas and a developer of new business. Success in business is nurtured from experience and knowledge, and is enhanced by the ability to scrutinize issues absent bias, to work well with others, and to learn from mistakes. At Harvard, I will develop skills necessary for success through the learning method and through professors, students, and Consider The Why? Of Going To College. The academic environment will enable me to experiment with new ideas and to participate in a diverse array of classes, clubs, and activities. The sharing of distinct experiences and perspectives will further enlighten me. The real world applicability of Harvard’s case method will allow me to cultivate good judgment and provide me with confidence to act prudently in unfamiliar situations. Through electives in entrepreneurial finance and marketing, Harvard will provide me with strategic tools for business development. I will develop daily decision-making skills involving cash flow, employees, and business strategy. Product sales at Functional Arts, the company I co-founded (see Essay examples Kirk Herbstreit completely shocked by Penn State play call #1), have been limited by inexperience. I want to attend Harvard so that I can identify and learn from my mistakes in developing and marketing Functional Arts. Applying practices and concepts learned and conceived during case study discussions to my existing business will also enhance my education at Harvard. Professor Joseph Lassiter’s course, Entrepreneurial Marketing, will strengthen my understanding of creating and selling new products and services. I will personalize my education by participating in the Intensive Field Study Program where I can further implement practical application of theoretical ideas. I will harness my entrepreneurial Consider The Why? Of Going To College by participating in the Business Plan Contest and by helping to write new case studies while doing research at The California Research Center. I will immerse myself in Harvard’s entrepreneurial offerings. These pr.

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