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Friday, August 17, 2018 4:48:38 PM

An influential uncle essays I am convinced that some of the greatest people on earth do not see their name in neon lights, nor do they have the most money or fame. Instead, they exist in our everyday lives and it is up to us to realize how very un-ordinary they really are. Such is the case with my uncle, Matt. Matt is a computer programmer. Matt has never really seemed like an uncle to me in that he always Use Your Talents to Earn Scholarships for College like my brother or friend. A brother to my mother, he lives close to us, which has always been a good thing-- especially when I was having difficulties at home. I've ended up over at Matt's house more than once fuming or complaining about something. As long as I can remember, he has always lived just a few miles from where I live. His house looks like the house of a computer programmer, with one spare bedroom devoted to old computers and gadgets he cannot bring himself to throw away. In the corner of the large living room, he always has the latest, greatest computer on the market. It was United in hope and despair – José Mourinho’s sorry summer that house that this little kid got hooked on computer games. But he didn't just teach me computer games. He is wise in his own way. Sometimes I would go over to his house to watch football games and, somehow, he would always ask me things about what I liked to do and what I was going Daily on Energy do after high school. Looking back, I can see how he was trying to give me some guidance by making me think about the future. At the time, I was primarily interested in parties, dating, and music. I now know he could see what direction I was headed in, and by just being there and giving me someone to talk to, he made me understand what life was really all about. Which, by the way, was not just parties and music. I think a part of why I connect with him so much is the fact that our lives have been alike. He was a wild teenager, too. I can remember my mom talking about his wild parties. I was just a kid then, but I remember she did .

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