New series on AMC about history of horror films features Stephen King

Friday, August 24, 2018 10:02:34 PM

Taxation of the church essays opment of PTSD. A profound effect on soldiers was how they entered the war alone, whereas in past wars soldiers entered and remained with certain groups (Brende and Parson 21). Soldiers entered a strange new world and were exposed to horrible traumas. Traumas such as disembowelment of fellow soldiers or the imaginative booby traps used by the Viet Cong caused soldiers to live in constant fear (Brende and Parson 31). Perhaps the overriding factor of the trauma faced by soldiers in Vietnam was the abusive violence against prisoners and civilians. This harsh violence included the way children were used as walking bombs (Sonneburg, Blank, and Talbott 20). Research conducted by Dr. Matsakis revealed that the amount and severity of combat and traumatic scenes witnessed directly affects the severity of PTSD (21). The young men sent to combat in Vietnam had some fundamental differences from earlier veterans. Typically the age of soldiers sent to Vietnam was between 18-24, which was much youn.

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