Are gifted students now an underserved population?

Monday, August 13, 2018 8:02:19 AM

Analysis of an essay essays A Short Story; Do Unto Others The wind slapped forcefully against his face and the rain pelted his coat like little bullets as Glenn made his way to the old truck. “It is going to be a long night,” he thought, as he hurried through the darkness towards the truck. His hand found essay on Will Mediterranean Diet Really Help Depression? door and he traced his way to the keyhole. As he quickly unlocked the truck and scrambled inside, he became conscious of the ominous and devouring black of the night. Once the truck was started, Glenn turned on the headlights and windshield wipers before maneuvering down the essay topics Workers at Marriott hotels in Boston go on strike. The pale blue luminescence of the digital clock read 10:40, reminding him he had twenty minutes to make the fifteen-mile drive to the airport. “There is no way,” he said out loud, “that I will miss my flight” as he pressed down on the accelerator. The impending appointment was the opportunity of a lifetime and one he could ill afford to miss. If all went according to his carefully laid out plan, he would finally land the job for which he had struggled to become qualified. No more scrimping and barely making enough money to pay his rent and bills. Landing this job would mean being able to buy a new truck instead of driving his heap of junk that broke down regularly. “Hell,” he thought, “I could buy two trucks and still have enough money to buy a house of my own.” He dreamed of how much better his life would soon be, unconsciously pressing down harder and harder on the accelerator. He drove as if he were a knife mercilessly cutting a path through the blinding rain. Suddenly, there was a tremendous thud and the truck jumped up and over something considerable in size. “Holy Christ! I don’t Are gifted students now an underserved population? time for a pathetic, dead animal!” Glenn hit the brake pedal with a heavy foot and steered to a halt on the graveled road. Turning off the engine, he sat and listened in silence as the rain continued to pou.

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