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Communication is the key essays Ernest Hemingway's short story "Hills like White Elephants" portrays what is probably the end of a relationship between a man and a woman over their differences with respect to the woman’s pregnancy and the man urging her to have an abortion. Through the use of Hemingway’s style, he presents a common theme between the man and woman, which is the lack of communication. The relationship between man and woman is shown through symbolism, theme, and character. Initially and throughout the story, the setting (the environment of the story) takes place near a train station in northern Spain. The plot which is also called the groundwork of the story revolves around a boyfriend who is moody and wants his girlfriend to do what he wants, which would be to have an abortion even though it is unstated in the story. The girl does not want Unseen pictures of Freddie Mercury released by Brian May comply with the man’s demands and decides to stand up for herself at the end of the story. As Essay examples Milk protein shown to alleviate chemotherapy side effects states, “What happens is that they kill love, deny their own possibility, and show themselves incapable of the affirmative, life defining choice” meaning because of this argument to bring a new child to the world it destroys the relationship between the two (93). The irony here is that a baby should bring couples closer together, not make them grow further apart. Because Hemingway does a great job of leaving the reader trying to figure out what is going on, one would think a great example of symbolism is when the woman says, “They look like white elephants” talking about the mountains that are in eye sight from her position (Beaty, Booth, et al,75). White elephants are thought to be unwanted objects and something one would want to get rid of. This statement is made in the beginning of the story, and it sets the mood and tone to the reader that there is something unknown going on between the two, but very important. The lack of communication between the man and woman of the story is a major Unseen pictures of Freddie Mercury released by Brian May t.

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